Welcome to TREE Consulting

The main goal of the TREE Consulting is to facilitate the cooperation between Dutch and Russian / CIS companies.  Company acts as an intermediary between Dutch companies that want to do business in Russia and CIS countries and Russian / CIS companies searching for the partnership with the Dutch companies, therefore the slogan: GROWING BUSINESS TOGETHER.

Company offers the whole range of services to bring companies together and facilitate the cooperation.  More >

Key Values of TREE are:

Trust each other, cooperate and grow together

Respect each other’s culture, business, opinion, values and way of working

Combine it, use each other’s unique expertise and experience to get better results.

Commit and keep the promises to strengthen the trust and thrive together

I am fascinated and under the strong impression by the speed and growth potential of several sectors in Russia. More >

My Story:

My name is Ekaterina Plotnikova. Born is Russia, I have been living in the Netherlands since 1999. Equipped with MSc in Economics from Russian and Dutch universities, I have been working in various international companies with the whole range of challenges over the last 11 years. Four out of ten years I have been working in Consulting industry and seven years — in Energy business. See more on my experience in my CV.

I am fascinated and under the strong impression by the speed and growth potential of several sectors in Russia, in particular, the greenhouse sector. This sector is actively stimulated and supported by the Russian government and local regional governments. The ambition of Russia is to increase the greenhouse area and vegetables production by more than 2 times by 2020. See more on the greenhouse sector.

I want to contribute to this growth and want to help companies to overcome the cultural, language and “way of doing business” barriers to mutually benefit from the positive developments on the Russian market.

I see the great business opportunities in the Russian market and I have decided to set up a consulting company providing the services for the companies located in the Netherlands and operating in the fast developing sectors in Russia and CIS countries. See what I can do for your company.

TREE Offers the Following Services:

  • Strategic Partnering & Bringing Companies Together
  • Business Development & Project Management
  • Writing Business Cases & Plans

  • Intelligence & Analytics
  • Performance Management, Reporting & Forecast

My experience includes working for:


I am looking forward to cooperation with you!